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It is time that we empower girls who will be part of a real change in the future of our planet, and what better way to do it than through the promotion of reading and good illustrations of good books that highlight the important role of girls and women in different areas of life.

Here are 11 stories that show the world that girls are powerful. To have more details on each one, click on the title or the image for more information.

“Giraffes can’t dance”

A story that wants to eliminate the limitations that society and ourselves put in our ways.

“Princesses fart too”

An improved version of the classic tales that breaks the standards of what is understood by princess. In this curious title, importance is given to the real beauty of people, their interior and not only to the obligation of people to have perfect bodies. It is recommended for boys and girls who will believe in equality.

«The princess dressed in a paper bag«

A story that teaches us the importance of not getting carried away only by appearances.

Malena whale

A story that emphasizes the importance of eliminating the beauty canons imposed by society. “Malena Ballena”, as the protagonist of the story is called, manages to be stronger than the horrible comments of others.

pink monster

A story that gives importance to what each of us feels even when it seems that you don’t fit in somewhere; although we really only need to find the right people.


A story that will teach the little ones the basic rules of self-love. Bad comments can be eliminated from the witch’s life and in the end still happy.


A questioning of modern society through a story that shows how a “wild” girl and the jungle in which she lives seem to be happier than the present forces us to think.

Mercedes wants to be a firefighter

A story that eliminates the prejudices that invade the male professions and are well seen when they are developed by women. The idea is that Mercedes and the little readers believe in themselves and in their dreams of being what they want to be.

Women” and “Women 2«

The author and illustrator Isabel Ruiz Ruiz takes us on a chronological journey through examples of women fighters, worthy of being a reference for the boys and girls of the present.

Princess li

A story that tells us about the diversity of human beings, through an example of Princess Li’s love for Beatriz.

«Butterfly ears

A story that shows us how the teasing of others should not defeat us, even if we have “butterfly ears”. A good title to eradicate bullying.

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