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If you consider yourself a great leader, with new proposals and good academic performance, this scholarship may be of interest to you. The call for Chevening scholarships 2020 – 2021 is now open, allowing you to be one of the 46,000 students of the global Chevening network who have the opportunity to study at any university in the United Kingdom.

They are the most valuable scholarships and are valued by students due to their benefits that not only correspond to your academic training in your profession, but also you can be part of a very strong global network that you can take advantage of and it will be useful for the rest of your life.

English level:

You must prepare your level of English from now on. We suggest you take the IELTS which is the official exam requested by universities in the United Kingdom. Before presenting it, you can study and find out your level of English by taking a Free IELTS course.

You can also present the TOEFL and for that you must consult the exam locations and dates worldwide to schedule your exam. Finally, if yours are the business or administration areas, there are Free online business English courses that you can take.

If you plan to apply to this call or scholarship, it is important that you know why to know these SCHOLARSHIPS that have closing dates soon or are comingacids. Check the following video of: How to get a SCHOLARSHIP: Advantages and what you should read about SCHOLARSHIPS with expired dates

Sharing with you these SCHOLARSHIPS that have already passed, is one of the ways in which we bring you closer to preparing it in advance and increasing your chances of winning it. Share this information with someone you think can help you. We explain it to you in this video: See video Scholarships overdue

This scholarship allows you to enjoy Great Britain, its culture, history, people, customs and also offers you support or financial aid to carry out all of your studies. If you want to be chosen, apply to the academic courses as fast as you can, since you must send the supports and required documentation. Remember that the call was opened on August 6 and you will have a deadline to apply and send all your information until November.

Get to know the forms now, and start answering the questions that are part of the first phase of the process.

IMPORTANT: to apply you must NOT have a letter of acceptance to the University yet. This is a requirement that is requested at the end of the process.

Go ahead and apply, as it may be the best decision you have ever made.

For your motivation letter (because for this SCHOLARSHIP you have to write 4 essays or motivation letters), these tips will surely help you:

Find more information about the scholarship, the requirements and how to apply by entering the following web page: http://www.chevening.org/apply


  • You will learn how to write winning essays that will earn you your scholarship.
  • You will discover how to choose the best university for your profile.
  • You will know what they are and how to use the rankings.
  • You will learn what the apostille process is.
  • You will know the dates and places for the TOEFL and IETLS exam.
  • And much more, all in one place …

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