New Online Courses offered by UNAM – Free, in Spanish and with the possibility of a certificate

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UNAM once again surprises us. One of the best universities in Latin America and the best University in Mexico, it has a wide range of online courses that anyone around the world can take from the comfort of their home or office. The best of all? In Spanish.

The recognized platform Coursera it hosts these courses and thousands more in different subjects and languages.

There are no prerequisites, you just have to have the interest and a weekly availability of 2 to 4 hours and of course you must have a stable internet connection to be able to make use of the audiovisual resources offered on the platform.

UNAM is a pioneer in this type of course worldwide.

In the following link, you can find the latest list of courses: New free Online courses at UNAM

Courses Coursera They are totally free but you can request and buy the certificates that demonstrate the completion of the course. If you are going to take an online course and you cannot pay the cost of it, do not worry, go ahead and request the SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships to obtain any certificate course or COURSERA specialization provided by this digital platform to perform:

  1. College or Bachelor’s degrees online with the best universities in the world. Check the full list here: Complete list of degrees or degrees
  2. You can also request help to carry out professional certificates: consult the list of the best certificates that you can take online: Professional Certificates
  3. You will also find a list of master’s degrees, certificates and free online courses related to public health, emergencies and disasters. Check the list here: Courses public health and other areas of development To apply and obtain this financial aid you must take into account the following steps:
    – Describe your financial situation
    – Explain how you are going to pay the cost of the course certificate
    – State your motivations to take the course
    – Demonstrate compliance with the code of conduct of Coursera

Find all the information about online courses, requirements and how to obtain financial aid by entering the following website:Scholarships to obtain any certificate course or COURSERA specialization

Masteries ON-LINE

Online Masteries from anywhere in the world: Online Masters and Specializations Coursera

Online Masters from anywhere in the world with EDX: EDX master’s degrees and specializations with the best universities in the world

Micromasters (specific master’s courses) that are valid in case you want to do a master’s degree. Master’s courses in the best universities in the world

Micro masters in Spanish:


Leadership and teamwork

Professional negotiation and leadership skills

Service management: successful experiences

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New Online Courses offered by UNAM – Free, in Spanish and with the possibility of a certificate

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