Postgraduate scholarships in Mexico for Mexicans and foreigners.

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The National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) is an organism of the Mexican government that aims to promote and stimulate the development of science and technology in that country and has the responsibility of elaborating and promoting national science and technology policies. Through Conacyt it is possible for students to obtain financial support in order to carry out postgraduate studies at universities with recognized academic excellence within and outside the country.

What can I study?

Any specialization, master’s or doctoral program that is recognized by and has a high quality rating from Conacyt.

Who can apply?

Mexican students and students from any other country in the world who wish to pursue postgraduate programs in Mexico.

What does the scholarship program offer?

Full maintenance stipend for the time spent in Mexico.


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How Apply?

You must make your application through the universities of your preference and know in detail the Conacyt call through the following links:

Scholarships for Mexicans and Foreigners who wish to study in Mexico:

Scholarships for Mexicans who wish to study abroad:

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